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A Transformative Medical Treatment

A Weekend MBA student’s health-care startup aims to improve IVF and other medical procedures by removing the need for needles.

While in high school in California, Tianyi Jonathan Xing heard about a Tibetan nun temple destroyed by a mudslide, leaving occupants without a home or belongings. Disturbed by what he saw as an inadequate response to their predicament, Xing collaborated with a famous Chinese music producer, Feng Xiao’bo, to publicize the nuns’ plight.

“People easily donated a great deal of money to projects for Buddhist monks, but not for nuns,” says Xing, who met the producer through his parents. Raising around $250,000 after publicizing the situation on Chinese news stations, Xing and Xiao’bo were able to pay to rebuild the temple.

It would not be the only time Xing, now a Booth Weekend MBA student, wanted to help those in need. In 2009, the sister of his good friend Alina Su was diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency.

Article By: Catherine Arnold

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