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As Reported By Forbes Magazine: NovaXS

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

As reposted by Forbes, writer HonestColumnist takes us through Alina’s NovaXS pitch and what exactly makes it so powerful. Although it is only four minutes long, the audience members are hit with three aspects of a problem.

The first being low patient tolerance; either people can empathize and agree that they don’t enjoy being jabbed by a needle daily or they choose to skip the experience all together because of their debilitating fear of needles. The second issue is low accessibility.

Many people may find it difficult to self administer shots, so they have to seek out a professional to administer the injection for them. The third problem is lack of monitoring. Patients often fail to take the proper dosage at the right time and doctors have no way of knowing whether their patients are taking their medication correctly, if they’re even taking it at all.

NovaXS aims to provide a solution to all of these concerns. In regards to the low pain tolerance and/or trypanophobia, the device patented by NovaXS is needle-free. The device only administers the medication when the patient has found the proper placement and angle for entry and provides over 3,000 treatments with the same device.

This solves the low accessibility problem, as anyone can administer following the machine’s guidance. Lastly, the cloud based app has reminders, scheduling and side-effect tracking so doctors can always keep track of their patient’s schedule. To learn more about Alina’s pitch and how NovaXS raised their first million dollars to make pain free self-administered medicines, click here:

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