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NovaXS Raises First Million Dollars To Make Pain Free Self-Administered Medicines

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

“How many of you are afraid of needles?” Alina Su asks her audience as she begins the pitch for her new company NovaXS Biotech. The audience shift in its seats. Most people raise their hands. “(Now) imagine you have to inject yourself with needles 1,000 times (over) three years.”

Alina goes on to explain that she watched her sister endure this daily agony starting at the age of seven. Suddenly, the audience is in her shoes — imagining what it might be like if they, or a family member, had to struggle with such a painful regimen.

With this riveting opening to her story, Alina has entered five business competitions and become a finalist in all five. She has won three of the competitions outright. In the process, Alina raised her first one million dollars for the company so that her team may build a prototype of a new device to provide needle-free delivery of self-administered medicines.

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Article By: David Riemer

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