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NovaXS Biotech wins Pad-13 Pitch Competition and is voted Audience Favorite

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

NovaXS Biotech Corp. is honored to be selected as the champion and audience favorite of Berkeley SkyDeck Pad-13 Pitch Competition. Special thanks to National Science Foundation (NSF) I-Corp Team, Todd Miller, Carl Bouthillette

and Dave Weiner for helping restructure our value proposition and select the initial target market.

Thanks to SkyDeck mentors Cathy Farmer , Darren Cooke, Caroline Winnett and Sibyl Chen for all the industry insights, valuable connections and advice!

NovaXS Biotech will continue building advanced drug delivery platform that makes daily self-injections as easy as making your daily espresso.

Alina Su, CEO of NovaXS, is currently finishing

her Ph.D at Harvard Medical School.

SkyNews Update:

Last Thursday, NovaXS Biotech won SkyDeck’s Pad-13 Pitch Competition, where eleven Pad-13 companies showcased their products to SkyDeck advisors, mentors, alumni and investors. Alina Su, the founder and CEO of NovaXS, was also voted Audience Favorite.

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