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NovaXS Biotech Wows Judges and Audience at Silicon Valley Startup Competition

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

NovaXS Biotech Corp. developers of an in-home and needle-free drug delivery platform, won first-place and was voted as Audience Favorite at the Berkeley SkyDeck Pad-13 Pitch Competition.

NovaXS's Founder and CEO Alina Su and her team provided a demonstration of their Telosis device which aims to provide an easy and painless alternative to administer drugs at home without needles to make healthcare more accessible.

“NovaXS Biotech is honored to be selected as the champions and audience favorite of the Berkeley SkyDeck Pitch Competition, especially out of all the impressive startups in attendance,” said Alina Su, CEO and Founder of NovaXS. “When my sister was younger, she was diagnosed with a disease that required daily needle injections for treatment. I witnessed her pain and the inefficiencies in self-administered drug delivery first-hand which is why me and my team are so dedicated to developing this solution.”

At the competition, NovaXS and eleven other startups in the technology, communications, healthcare, and other industries, showcased their products to SkyDeck advisors, mentors, alumni and investors.

Article By: Biotechology News Magazine

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