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NovaXS Is Approved For mHub Impact Fund

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

It is with great honor to be accepted by the mHub Product Impact Fund. Thank you mHub for believing in our vision to help the world.

NovaXS is proud to announce that we have received a formal offer of investment as well as acceptance into the mHUB Accelerated Incubation MedTech Cohort. The mHUB Product Impact Fund is designed to invest in the world's leading early-stage hardtech startups by raising capital as well as cultivating a dedicated entrepreneurial ecosystem that is focused on physical product innovation. NovaXS expects to set up a tremendous infrastructure that will support our intended growth and scale by utilizing world-class programming, $6M of prototyping equipment, engagement with industry partners, mentor support, and pilot programs. We are very much looking forward to our partnership with mHUB as they have a fantastic track record.

mHUB helps early stage innovators like ourselves go from prototype to product to sustainable business; members and alumni have raised $701M in capital, launched 1,255 products, generated $430M in revenue, and hired 2,152 employees. mHUB also has a commitment to diversity and believe that it is the fundamental strength of the region. They believe that their mission is best fulfilled when diversity is embraced as a value and practice and achieving it requires an enduring commitment to inclusion and equity. Diversity is supported by mHUB through skill, background, age, disability status, economic circumstance, ethnicity, gender, race, religion and sexual orientation.

With such strong commitments, it is no wonder that mHUB has attracted a strong ecosystem of mentors that have backgrounds ranging from technical to business development in order to provide support in areas that include manufacturing innovation, IoT, electronics, business development, sales and marketing, financing, and legal. NovaXS is excited to utilize our membership with mHUB to the fullest extent and is looking forward to seeing how this partnership will help us grow.

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