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NovaXS Is Proud Member of the Berkeley SkyDeck Program

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

Every year UC Berkeley students, as well as students from around the world, compete in the SCET-Silicon Alliance Startup Contest.

NovaXS is proud to announce that we have applied and been accepted into the SkyDeck PAC-13 Incubator Program. SkyDeck was formed as a partnership between the Haas School of Business, the College of Engineering, and the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Research with the goal of creating a robust and vibrant ecosystem to nurture startups with the ultimate goal of helping them launch.

According to the SkyDeck website, their official thesis is that "[They] believe academic founders are brilliant, energetic, and a source of innovation that will fundamentally change our lives. [They] believe science has no territorial boundaries, and look forward to enabling change globally. The Berkeley SkyDeck Fund supports entrepreneurial activity through Berkeley SkyDeck, the world’s premier academic accelerator. It also supports research and education at the world's premier academic institution, by donating 50% of carried interest to UC Berkeley. . ." Roughly twenty Cohort startups are selected every six months to receive a $105,000 investment from the Berkeley SkyDeck Fund.

SkyDeck offers startups help in all areas of business as well as connects the startups to mentors, leaders in the industry, and essential workshops. Help is offered in the form of product strategy (defining/redefining the product design and go-to-market for a capital-efficient growth strategy with meaningful competitive moats) team-building (identifying and recommending key candidates for advisory boards and early hires) and customer introductions (using UC Berkeley alumni network to make introductions to influencers and key buyers in almost any industry). Some notable success stories include Lime, Robotics, SimpleData, and ThinkCyte.

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