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NovaXS Unveils New Prototype of Needle-Free Injection Therapy Smart Medical Device

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

NovaXS Biotech Corp, developers of an in-home and needle-free drug delivery platform, has unveiled a new prototype of its needle-free injection therapy smart medical device. The team presented it at mHub’s MedTech Accelerator Program’s annual Demo Day in Chicago.

Jonathan Xing, COO and co-founder of NovaXS, along with Alex Zou, the chief technology officer of NovaXS showcased the new prototype.

The patent-pending technology called Telosis administers a narrow stream of medication without a needle in 0.3 seconds and analyzes injection data to help users make smarter health decisions.

It’s the world’s first remote medication and self-administration monitoring platform and provides an easy and painless alternative for at-home drug delivery. The first indication NovaXS is pursuing is IVF treatments.

Article By: Charles Sternberg

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