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NovaXS unveils prototype for smart, needle-free drug delivery device

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Formed at the University of California, Berkeley, NovaXS designed its patent-pending Telosis technology to administer a narrow stream of medication without a needle in 0.3 seconds and to analyze injection data to allow for smarter health decisions.

The company said in a news release that its technology represents the world’s first remote medication and self-administration monitoring platform as an easy and painless alternative for at-home drug delivery. The first indication being pursued by NovaXS is IVF treatments.

NovaXS presented its prototype at mHub’s MedTech Accelerator Program’s annual Demo Day in Chicago last week. COO and co-founder Jonathan Xing also shared the company’s plans for product development, market potential and revenue generation at the event, while highlighting milestones including submitting the new prototype for a patent and signing multiple letters of intent with IVF clinics in California.

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Article By: David Riemer

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