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Young Change Makers: Why and How Jonathan Xing Of NovaXS Biotech Corp Is Helping To Change Our World

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

NovaXS co-founder Jonathan Xing was recently interviewed by Yitzi Weiner as part of the aforementioned’s series about young people who are making an important social impact.

In the interview, Jonathan discusses significant life events as well as how his religion and community shaped him to be the intelligent entrepreneur he is today. Being raised Tibetan Budhist, Jonathan was surrounded by monks and nuns and began to notice the gender inequalities on his annual trips to Tibet.

When the Tibetan Buddhist nun temple he visited since childhood was struck by a natural disaster, Jonathan decided that he wanted to do whatever he could to help. He went on to collaborate with

Jonathan Xing, co-founder of NovaXS,

two well known Chinese singers for a charity album as well as building resorts and creating Tibetan consumer goods to boost employment and establish careers.

Jonathan has a talent for seeing a need and then finding a way to meet that need; from hosting an NBA training camp for Chinese basketball fans to his current work with Novaxs. Current events have started pushing remote healthcare to the forefront, but oftentimes the medical field legs behind in terms of trends. While there may be remote patient monitoring devices, none have the capability of monitoring the actual treatment.

Seeing first hand that there is a need for more comprehensive remote healthcare after a family member's death, Jonathan started his journey with Novaxs. To access Jonathan’s interview in depth and read about his motivators, mentors, and making positive societal impacts, click here:

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