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NovaXS Ranking No.2 in 29 industry-changing health tech innovations released by Health Tech World

Who is having a real impact on healthcare and digital health? Which innovations will positively affect healthcare in 2023? Here’s the Health Tech World longlist of some of the most prominent names in the space…

2 – NovaXS | USA

NovaXS is a smart medical device company developing a needle-free injection device that syncs with a smartphone app to make the treatment process easier and pain-free for those suffering from chronic conditions and diseases.

One in four adults and two in three children have a fear of needles, only 50% of medications for chronic disease are taken as prescribed and the error rate for administering medications at home is up to 33%.

This all adds up to higher healthcare costs and results in negative health outcomes for patients that suffer from common illnesses like diabetes, growth hormone deficiencies, allergies and more.

NovaXS Biotech is on a mission to make medication self-administration as easy as making morning coffee.

The prominent medical device startup is focused on advanced drug delivery and users’ long-term health. Its patent-pending technology is a needle-free drug delivery platform. It allows patients to self-administer biologics subcutaneously or intramuscularly and track long-term treatment progress through IoT integration and software app.

  • Founder: Alina Su

  • Explore: NovaXS

Article By: Kirsty Rigg

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