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“Therapy adherence is one of the biggest challenges for American healthcare and it directly leads to more complications and higher healthcare costs. Innovative treatments come out every year, whereas the current delivery method could not match the potential of the medications. Therefore, we have designed Telosis to make your pharma products perform better. NovaXS is committed to providing a patient-centric and effortless medication administration experience that maximizes the treatment efficacy and therapy adherence.”

A New Era of Drug Delivery



Our patent-pending drug delivery technology could deliver medications using liquid pressure within 0.3 seconds and shorten the absorption time and improve treatment efficacy through diffusion.

External Motor

Our external charging station could allow users to adjust injection depth and dosage volume with a click. It could automatically draw the medications from the vial and expel the air in the cartridge for the users.

Vertical Alignment &
Safety Lock

Medication leakage and bleeding are two major concerns for needle-free injections. Our technology could prevent the medications from leaking and minimizes the pain associated with the injection.”


Our device collects injection data automatically and connects with patient APP to maximize the remote healthcare adherence and prevent complications.